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Find Your Freedom In Homeschooling Your Legacy.

As parents, we cherish the blessing of being moms, but sometimes we wonder how we can serve our families wholeheartedly while also embracing our own potential. Homeschooling provides an opportunity to be everything we were made to be—nurturers, educators, and lifelong learners.

Navigating homeschooling can sometimes feel overwhelming, much like being bogged down by daily tasks.

It’s easy to lose sight of our direction and purpose. But fear not—the unknown doesn’t have to be faced alone. As your guide, I’m excited to support you on this educational journey!

Now is the moment to break free from the system, take back your freedom, and give your legacy the education they we’re born to receive.

I'm Halie,

CEO of capitol presence, wife to Roy, and mom to 4 awesome kids. My husband and i started our business in the basement of a slumlord’s townhome as 2 young parents. Now, we are 5 years into running our company and living our best lives.

My mission is to empower moms on their homeschooling journey, helping them discover freedom and create a lasting legacy. Together, we’ll cultivate their identity beyond motherhood, nurture their businesses, deepen their spirituality, and enrich their personal lives—all while savoring this precious season of motherhood.

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