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Hey friend,

I’m Halie.

Wife and business partner to my husband Roy. & mother to our 4 wonderful children.

I’m here to empower women (especially mothers) to realign their lives to find a renewed sense of purpose. This site is full of solutions for the modern mama who needs to stop feeling overwhelmed & start enjoying this precious season of life.

In 2016, I left a “comfortable” government job to pursue the American dream! All my life I had the desire to be my own boss, and I decided that leaving job security while pregnant with my 3rd child was the perfect time to do it! Sounds crazy when I write that, and guess what?! People called me “crazy”.

It was by no means an overnight success, but through calculated risks, goal strategies, and the grace of God – I made it! I am now living the life I dreamed of in 2016! & you can too 😊

It is so easy to become bogged down by daily tasks. We lose focus on our direction, and our purpose. I understand the fear of the unknown. I’ve been there. But you aren’t alone, I’m excited to be your guide!